Timber Lodge Orcas Island

Moran State Park

This is one of our favorite places to hang out. About a mile from the lodge, it’s close and very convenient to either walk or drive to. It offers hiking, swimming, fishing, mountain biking, kayaking, etc all while enjoying amazing views. There are two lakes you can go to, Cascade Lake (most popular) which is on your right after entering the park or Mountain Lake which is a bit further in. Both lakes have a great hike around them. Cascade’s hike is about 2.7 miles and Mountain Lake’s hike is about 4 miles (mostly flat). Both lakes are great for fishing, mostly trout and bass.

Regarding the last few photos of the gallery, that’s me with the trout, my son with his catch and my friend Joel with his first catch of the trip (Joel was adamant that I snap a shot).

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