Vacation Rental Log Home on Orcas Island

Kitchen Inventory List

Pyrex Bakeware (top drawer)


1 Pyrex pie dish
1 Pyrex 12 x 18 large rectangle pan                                                                                1 Pyrex 12 x 8 medium rectangle pan                                                                             1 Pyrex 8 x 6 small rectangle pan with lid
1 Pyrex large bowl
1 Pyrex small bowl
1 Pyrex loaf pan
1 Pyrex 12 x 12 square pan                                                                                           4 Pyrex small ramekins with lids

Casserole Dishes (Corning bottom drawer)

1 Large oval corning ware dish with lid
1 Medium oval corning ware dish with lid
1 Large round corning ware dish with lid
1 Medium round corning ware dish with lid
2 small round corning ware bowls                                                                                   2 storage container for berries and fruit                                                                      1 set of square storage containers (small, med, large)
1 round storage container

Baking Pans & Cutting Boards



End Cabinet Bottom Drawer

2 loaf Pans 
1 Large rectangular pan
1 Medium square pan

End Cabinet Middle Drawer

2 Cake Pans
2 Pie Tins

Lower Cabinet left side of Range

3 Muffin Pans 1 Large and 2 small
3 Baking Racks
2 Cookie Sheets

3 Cutting Boards

Top Shelf Pantry
1 Large Turkey Roasting Pan
1 Large Roasting Pan
1 Turkey Roasting Rack

Cookware (Pots and Pans - Dishwasher Approved)


The top two shelves in the pantry area approved to be placed in the dishwasher.  Guests can tell the notice the difference as the dishwasher had damaged the finish on the outside of these pots and pans.

Pantry Shelves (top shelf right side) Cookright Brand
1 large stock pot with lid
1 Sauterne pan with lid
1 Skillet pan 8"
and 1 Skillet pan 11"

Pantry Shelves (second shelf right side) Cookright Brand

1 large stock pot with lid
1 large sauce pot with lid 3 Quart
1 medium sauce pat with lid 2 Quart
1 small sauce pot with lid 1 Quart

Cuisinart Cookware (high end cookware "Hand Wash Only")


Pantry Shelf ( second to the bottom left shelf ) Cuisinart Brand

1 extra large stock pot with lid 24 Quart
1 large stock pot with lid 8 Quart
1 vegetable steamer insert
1 Sauterne Pot 3.5 Quart

Pantry Shelf (bottom left shelf)
1 Pancake griddle 11" (Cuisinart)
1 Pancake griddle 11" (Anolon)
1 Skillet Pan 8" Anolon

1 Skillet Pan 11" Analon

1 Skillet pan 8 " Cuisinart

1 Skillet pan 11" Cuisinart

Pantry Shelf (left side second shelf up) Cuisinart Brand
1 extra large soup pot with lid
1 large soup pot with lid and double boiler insert

Pantry Shelf (Pot Rack)
1 Analon Large Frying pan with lid 12"
1 Cuisinart Large Frying pan with lid 12"
1 Cuisinart Skillet pan with lid 4 Quart

Cutlery & Roasting Tools (top drawer next to coffee area)

Cutlery Turkey Fork, Knife and Sharpener 
1 Timer, 3 Temp gauges and Turkey Skewers and tie

End Counter Top Items

  Popcorn & Candy Guest Tray

Cutlery Knife Set (6 steak knives, 6 professional knives & Scissors) Cuisinart
Popcorn Bowl with matching set of 10 small popcorn bowls
Popcorn Microwave Bowl
Popcorn Forks (set of 10)
Popcorn Theater Containers                                                                                         1 Popcorn Scoop (yellow)
Spice Rack (20 assorted spices)
Copper Scoops (small, medium, large)
Copper Mold (small)

Spice Drawer

Assortment of Spices and Herbs

Coffee & Tea (Pull-out drawers)


Orcas Foods Coffee both Regular and Decaf
Coffee Measuring Spoon
Coffee Filters
Coffee Grinder
Assortment of Black Teas, Herbal Teas and Ice Tea Packets
Hot Cocoa
Sugar & Sugar Substitutes

Ground Coffee
Tea Bags

Glassware (end cabinet)

10 Beverage Glasses (tall)
10 Beverage Glasses (short)
10 Juice Glasses
1 Butter dish (Coffee Shoppe)
1 Sugar Bowl (Coffee Shoppe)
1 Creamer (Coffee Shoppe)
Coffee Pot (Amopola)
Warmer (Amopola)

Hutch (center shelves)


1 Chip and Dip Set
1 Tea Pot (Amapola)
1 Creamer (Amapola)
1 Sugar Bowl with lid (Amapola)

Top Cabinets (display only)

1 large oval casserole dish with lid (Amapola)
1 large round soup tureen with lid (Amapola)
1 medium soup tureen with lid (Amapola)
2 chicken in a basket antique casserole dishes

Small Appliances (Pantry shelves)

Electric Can Opener

Hand Mixer with extra mixing blades

Coffee Grinder

4 Slot Toaster (Cuisinart)

SodaStream (soda maker)

Fondue Pot with Fondue Sticks (Cuisinart)

Ice Creamer Maker (Cuisinart)

Keurig Coffee Maker

  Kitchen Aid Professional mixer, stainless and glass bowl and blade

   Electric Pancake Griddle & Pancake Pourer

Panini Maker Grill (Cuisinart)

Quesadilla Maker (Bella)

Bread Maker (Sunbeam)

  Doughnut Baker (Stonewall Kitchens)

Waffle Maker (Sunbeam)


Margaritaville Blender, container and salt rimmer

Crock Pot Warmer

Food Processor 7 cup capacity with  2 extra blades( Cuisinart)

Cuisinart 12 cup coffee maker

Pantry Shelf

2 Tea Kettles (electric and stove top)
1 Beverage Dispenser (orange)
1 Beverage Dispenser (clear)
1 Ice Bucket with tongs

1 Beverage Dispenser Filtered water system

Dinnerware Fine Dining (Cabinet over Microwave)  

1 Lasagna Baking Dish
1 Souffle Dish
8 Cereal Bowls
6 Desert plates
10 Dinner Plates
10 Espresso cups and saucers
1 Quiche Dish
10 Bread and Butter plates
1 Serving bowl (small)
1 Gravy Boat, 1 Butter Platter
8 Cream Soup Bowls and Saucers
1 Oval Serving Platter, 1 Round Serving Platter

Holiday Dinnerware (Hutch lower right side)

10 Dinner Plates
10 Soup Bowls
10 Salad Plates
1 Serving Bowl
1 Platter
10 Coffee Mugs

Dinnerware (Every-day dishes Corelle

10 Dinner Plates
10 Salad Plates
10 Cereal Bowls
10 Desert Bowls
1 Platter
1 Large and 2 vegetable bowls

Dinnerware (Outdoor everyday dishes Melamine) 

10 Dinner Plates
10 Salad Plates
10 Bowls
2 Medium Serving Bowls
1 Large Serving Bowl


10 Knives
10 Dinner forks
10 Salad forks
10 Tea Spoons
10 Serving Fork Soup spoons
1 Serving Spoon and 1 Slotted spoon
1 Butter knife
1 Sugar spoon
1 Desert Server

Coffee Mugs, Tea Cups & Wine Glasses                                                                                                     

8 Tea Cups and Saucers
6 White Wine Glasses
6 Red Wine Glasses
10 Orcas Coffee Mugs

Wine Glasses (Dining Room Hutch)


10 Margaretta Glasses
16 Water Goblets (Coffee Shoppe)
12 Margaretta Glasses
6 Spanish Wine Glasses (orange base)
8 Spanish Wine Glasses (orange)

Kitchen Tools (drawer under microwave)

1 Rolling Pin
1 set of Wood Salad Forks
1 Garlic Press
2 Paring Knives
1 Nut Cracker with two nut forks
1 Egg Slicer
3 sets chop sticks and wooden tongs
2 Lemon Strainers                                                                                                      1 Melon baller

Kitchen Tools (Drawer right)

2 Ice Cream Scoops                                                                                                    3 Basting Brushes
1 Tong
1 Can Opener
1 Potato Peeler
1 Pizza Wheel
2 Bottle Openers
2 Wine openers
1 Roasting Fork
(black handle)
1 Spatula with black handle

Kitchen Tools (left side drawer next to range)

1 Apple Corer (green)
1 Lettuce Knife (green)
1 Whisk silicone (orange)                                                                                              1 scraper spoon silicone (orange)
1 Turner silicone (orange)
1 set of Scoops (jumbo, medium, small)                                                                            1 set of measuring spoons metal                                                                                    1 set of measuring spoons plastic
1 Pastry pie cutter
1 Whisk large metal
1 Whisk small metal

Top drawer (left side of sink)

2 Seafood Cups
10 Seafood Forks
4 Seafood Crakers
1 Egg Timer
1 Meat Thermometer
1 Oven Thermometer
10 sets of Corn Holders

Kitchen Tools (corner cabinet top shelf)


1 set Measuring cups (white plastic)
1 set  Measuring cups (stainless steel)
1 Pyrex Measuring Glass (1 cup)
1 Colander (white plastic)
1 Flour Sifter
1 Mini Electric Chopper (Black & Decker)
1 Pastry Cutter
1 Grater black handle (Oxo)                                                                                         1 full size Cheese Grater (stainless steel)
1 Flat Cheese Grader (stainless steel)
1 Avocado Slicer
1 Guacamole Bowl with serving spoon

Kitchen Tools (corner cabinet bottom shelf)

1 Mixing Bowl Set Plastic outer stainless inner (large, medium, small)
1 Mixing bowl set white plastic black handle edge (larger and medium)
1 Pyrex set of three glass Mixing bowls
1 Salad Spinner (Oxo)

Toddler & Baby Dishes (third drawer left side of sink)


8 Toddler Plates (orange)
8 Toddler plastic cups
3 sets of Toddler flatware                                                                                           1 newborn baby spoon
2 sets of Tippy Cups with lids                                                                                      2 sets of baby plates and cereal bowls

Kitchen Tools (Black plastic)

Evergreen Bear Pitcher (holds kitchen tools)

1 Spatula
1 Stainless Steel tongs
1 Spaghetti Fork Large
1 Spaghetti Fork Medium
1 Slotted Spoon Large
1 Mixing/Serving Spoon Large
1 Ladle Large
1 Ladle Medium
1 Slotted Turner
1 Pie Server

Kitchen Wooden Tools

1 Slotted Turner Large
1 Turner extra Large
1 Mixing Spoon Large
1 Slotted Mixing Spoon Large
1 Mixing Spoon Medium
1 Paddle Spoon Medium
1 Paddle Spoon Small
2 Regular Mixing Spoons Medium
1 Mixing Spoon with pouring edge
1 Mixing spoon Small

Buffet Dining Area

10 Cloth Dinner Napkins rust color (pressed and folded in basket) 
10 Placemats Buffalo print (right drawer of buffet)
10 Placemats Feather print (left drawer of buffet)
1 Table Runner Feather (on top of buffet)
1 Wooden Serving Tray (bottom left shelf)

1 Evergreen Pottery Bear Pitcher Evergreen Bear
1 Evergreen Pottery Bear Oval Platter (right side top shelf)
1 Evergreen Pottery Moose Serving Bowl (left side top shelf)
10 Cloth Cocktail Napkins (pressed and folded in basekt)
6 LED Tea Lights in canister (center top of buffet)
4 Leaf LED candle holders and 2 brass leaf holders flat
1 Paper Napkin holder

Wine Holder and Corkscrew

Sink Area

1 Dish Drainer under sink

1 Moose Cooke Jar (display only)
1 Paper towel holder
1 woven basket (filled rolled dish towels)


1 BBQ Cleaning Brush

2 BBQ Forks
1 BBQ Turner
1 BBQ Tongs
4 BBQ Skewers
Set of 4 Steak Temps
2 round skewers
BBQ Pot and Basting Brush
1 Can of Pam BBQ Spray
1 Bottle of BBQ Stainless Steel Cleaner
BBQ Rags for Clean up

Wood Chips and Soaking Pan for Outdoor Smoker (Hickory, Mesquite, Apple, Cherry, Alder)

Picnic Supplies

1 Wicker Picnic Basket  

1 Small Coleman Cooler

1 Small insulated Drink Cooler