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House Rules

House Rules

                                               Check Out Reminders

Check Out time is 10:00AM (unless pre-authorized) Please allow yourselves enough time to follow the check-out procedures below:

We ask that guests leave the home in a neat and orderly condition (same condition it was in upon arrival). Full cleaning IS NOT included in the rate only a Quick Hygiene clean of the kitchen and bathrooms along with laundry of bath towels and bed linens.

1. Kitchen is to be left the way guests found it when they arrived, countertops wiped down, all dishes, pots and pans washed and put away or left clean in the dishwasher. (If you unsure where kitchen inventory belongs please leave on the counter).
2. The inside of the oven, oven racks and range tops are to be left clean.
3. We no longer require guests to strip the sheets off the beds. Please put the beds back the way you found them upon arrival with bedding left flat on top of the beds and pillows in the same location for inventory check.
4. Please leave soiled bath towels in a laundry basket in the bedrooms or bathrooms you found them in. (If towels are damp please hang them in towel racks to dry).
5. If Hot Tub towels or Robes have been borrowed please launder and return to location you found them in upon arrival.
6. Take all garbage in the kitchen and bathrooms to outside garbage receptacles that have been allotted for your stay (all trash including recycle must be in plastic trash bags).
7. Brush down BBQ grill grates and wipe down stainless surfaces. Refer to cleaning instructions for Smoker.
8. Guests with pets: We have provided a pet kit with hand vacuum cleaner along with a pet kit that includes; wipe up rags, lint brush and carpet cleaner.
9. During winter months both propane stove heaters are to be left on and set to 65 degrees (this is necessary to insure the pipes do not freeze).
10. Close and lock all windows.
11. Please double check to make sure that all doors have been locked.  


Guests are asked to please remove shoes while inside the house so that floors and carpets are left clean during the stay.

Garbage and Trash

All trash including recycle must be in plastic trash bags.  Baby diapers cannot be mixed with trash as they have to be disposed of in a different area of the Orcas transfer station.

Use of Hot Tub

The Hot Tub is to be left clean.  Guests must shower before using the hot tubs.  If a guest have mistakenly gotten into the hot tub without showering this will cause a oil ring to form around the edge of the tub and must be removed before departure.  A cleaning kit is located on the laundry shelf for shock treatment and removing the oil ring.    

BBQ & Smoker

The Gas grill and Smoker is to be left clean, brush down BBQ grill grates and wipe down stainless steel surfaces, and if cover has been provided please place back on. Smoker is to be left clean (refer to cleaning instructions in the smoker manual).

Televisions & Electronic Devices 

The home has a great deal of televisions and other electrical devices. So we do not spend a great deal of time searching for missing controllers please place remote controllers to televisions, PS3 and DVD's back on the controller templates.   When using the Home Theater Room please insure that the projector bulb is turned off as bulb life has a limited number of hours of use.


Please set the thermostat at 65 degrees during winter months (do not turn propane stove heaters off as these are the main heat source for the house and pipes could freeze).


Occupancy on the premises by additional persons, beyond the specified maximum, will result in the forfeiture of your security deposit and/or early termination of your rental period, without refund or rental fees paid.


No Visitors will be permitted at any time. The home and grounds are not to be used as a family gatherings site or for special occasion parties, or dinner parties, where visitors are coming from other rentals, hotels or Inns on the island  No Trespassing signs are posted that say "only approved guests are allowed on the premises". Approved Guests are the names of the individuals that are shown on the rental agreement occupancy list.


The home is located on a narrow one lane road. The Fire Marshal has restricted parking to a maximum of four cars as we have limited parking and turn around space. Emergency access is required at all times, please do not block the driveway or the road leading to the home. Two parking spaces are located down next to the house (includes loading and unloading). Two parking spaces are located on the upper end of the driveway. No trailers, campers or RV vehicles are allowed on the property at any time.


The home has a burglar, fire alarm and video surveillance system which monitors the parking area and entry way.


No Smoking inside the home, smoking is only allowed on the gravel area next to the garage. All cigarette butts must be placed in the black cigarette receptacle.