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Cleaning Information

These Services are included in the rate

Trash Removal: Orcas island does not have a trash removal service for this location so all trash must be brought to the transfer station. 

Hot Tub:  Fee covers the cost of chemicals for sanitizing and disinfecting (fee does not include cleaning or draining and refilling if water that cannot be rebalanced) 

Arrival Prep: Preparing the cabin includes blowing off the walkways and deck areas, verification of kitchen and linen inventory, checking the internet connection and testing all televisions to make sure they are all working properly. This fee also includes the caretakers time for arrival and departure inspections. Inspection reports are necessary to insure that the current guest is not held responsible for damage or missing items caused by a prior tenant.

Cleaning & Laundry

Cabin Cleaning:  The fee is included in the rate and covers disinfecting mattresses re-making of beds, vacuming, and steam mopping of floors. A quick hygiene cleaning of the kitchen and bathrooms, toilets, tubs and showers, refrigerator, microwave, range top and oven, dusting furniture, light fixtures, artwork. No deep cleaning of any kind is included in the rate.

1 Bedroom = 2 hours

2 Bedrooms = 3.6 hours

3 Bedrooms = 4.2 hours

4 Bedrooms = 5.8 hours

5 Bedrooms = 6.4 hours

Laundry Services:  Laundry is the most time consuming element of the cleaning fee. The fee covers washing and drying of bath towels, mattress covers, bed linens, duvet covers, and professionally pressing all of the bed linens, shams and duvet covers.

1 bedroom (2 guests) = 2 loads ~ 3.5 hours

2 bedrooms (4 guests) = 4 loads ~ 4.9 hours

3 bedrooms (6 guests) = 6 loads ~ 5.3 hours

4 bedrooms (8 guests) = 8 loads ~ 6.2 hours

5 bedrooms (10 guests) = 10 loads ~ 6.9 hours

Excess Fees Schedule:

Excess Cleaning = $30.00 per hour

* Kitchen not left in the same condition as it was in upon arrival.  Such as; dirty dishes left in the dishwasher, dishes, pot and pans, small appliances put away dirty in the cabinets,

* Excessive spills, stains splatter on counter tops, floors or carpeting.

* Ovens and Range top left excessively dirty.

* Spa/Beach Towels or Robes borrowed by guests and not laundered.

* Gas BBQ Grill not brushed down and/or left excessively dirty
* Windows or Glass doors left excessively dirty.

Electric Smoker Cleaning = $125.00

*  Smoker used and not cleaned by guest.

Pet Clean-up = $100.00 (full forfeiture of pet deposit)

* Any time spent removing pet hair from furniture, carpets or if pet hair is found on any of the beds.

Excess Trash = $55.00 

* Over trash can allotment for trash removal plus extra weight charge from transfer station.

* Trash not sorted by renter and rejected at transfer station requiring that trash be resorted.  

*  Christmas tree removal fee covers caretakers time to pick up and take to the transfer station or obtaining a burn permit to cut up and burn on site.

Excess Time Allotment Fee = $30.00 per hour

* Time spent searching for television remote controllers

* Time spent searching for kitchen inventory or having to reorganize the kitchen, pantry or small appliance area. 

* Time spent searching for missing DVD's or Video Games

* Time spent searching for bed linens, pillows, towels, hot tub or robe inventory.

* Time spent picking up toys, game pieces or reorganization of the library toy and game area.

* Furniture moved and not placed back where it belongs.

Caretaker Trip Fee = $45.00

* Visits by our caretaker on anything reported by guest as not operational and after the service call it was determined that the trip was not warranted.

Hot Tub Cleaning or Drain & Refill Fee = $150.00

* If hot tub is left excessively dirty (dirt, oil and debris) requiring the hot tub to be either scrubbed, cleaned or drained and water added with fresh chemicals.    

Smoking inside the Home = $250.00 (full forfeiture or deposit)

* If any cigarette smell is present inside the home the guest will be charged for costs associated with removal of the cigarette smoke which will include carpet cleaning, dry cleaning of bedding, shams, comforters, pillows, bed skirts, and the costs associated with rental of professional air fans and air freshener products.