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Arrival Information for Guests

Prior to arrival the primary renter listed on rental agreement will receive the Arrival Confirmation email that will contain all the details required for stay. This includes caretaker information, address, and detailed directions and all keyless codes required for entry into home/rooms (Rooms ordered are left open).

We highly recommended that the Confirmation email is printed out prior to your arrival as cell coverage can be an issue once you arrive. Please provide this information to your guest party as well especially if arrival times are going to be different.

Link to Timber Lodge Amenities List

Entry Gate: The property is fully fenced with an entry gate.  You will hear a beeping sound while the gate is opening. The gate will automatically close and has an auto sensor which will activate when departing.

Alarm System is activated automatically please do not attempt to check in early or you will set off the alarm.

Keyless Entry Instructions: To Unlock the front door press the picture of the Schlage button then enter the code and TURN THE DEADBOLT KNOB TO THE LEFT (counter clockwise) OR THE DOOR WILL NOT OPEN.   You will also find these instructions on the front door.

Entry Codes:  For security reasons we only release the entry codes to the renter so please provide this information to all the members of your party.   

Bedroom Codes:  The guest bedrooms ordered will be open when you arrive however they have keyless entry codes. The electronics on the units are quite sensitive and could be reprogrammed accidentally so we ask that guests with children be instructed not to play with the buttons. In the event the doors should be locked by accident enter the four digit code and PRESS THE PICTURE UNLOCK(lower left hand side). To lock push the lock button, pease do not manually twist the lock as this will cause damage to the lock.

Caretaker Services: Should you experience any repair and maintenance issues during your stay please call 360-216-7400 ext 5. Please leave a detailed message explaining the problem. Our caretaker will make the determination as to if this is an emergency situation that needs immediate attention or if it can wait and be scheduled as part of our normal routine repair schedule.

Check-In time is 5:00PM. Renters that have paid for the early check in option will find the times have been adjusted to reflect the change in times on the rental agreement.

Check-Out time is 10:00AM. The alarm will automatically activate at 10:15AM. Renters that have paid for the late check-out option will find the times have been adjusted to reflect the change in times on the rental agreement.

The terms of the rental agreement state that the home in to be left in a neat and orderly condition (same condition it was in when you arrived). To insure that we do not have any misunderstandings, the cleaning fee only covers a quick hygiene clean no deep cleaning. In most cases excess cleaning or lack of consideration for the property is not something we encounter very often. Regrettably, some guests leave the property in any condition of their choosing which is why it is necessary for us to clarify what is expected in the check list below. **Any extra time spent for cleaning beyond the allotted time schedule will be billed to the security deposit as an excess fee at $30.00 per hour per housekeeper.

Departure Check List:
1.  The Kitchen is to be left the way guests found it when they arrived, counter tops wiped and spayed with granite cleaner, all dishes put away or left clean in the dishwasher, coffee maker clean and coffee grounds removed, microwave left clean,  
2.   The Refrigerator is to be left clean, does not have unpleasant smells and should be free of food.
3.   The inside of the oven, oven racks and range top surfaces are to be left clean. We have wrapped the oven rack in foil to help with clean up.
4.   Gas grill, Smoker and Seafood Pot are to be left clean.  Brush down BBQ grill grates and wipe stainless steel surfaces, place cover back on grill and smoker.
5.  We do not require guests to strip the sheets off the beds. Just make sure that the bedding and pillows are placed in the bedrooms you found them in in the same condition the beds were in at arrival with bedding and blankets flat on the beds and pillows in place  for inventory verification check. (pillows and comforters are labeled by bedroom).
6.  Place soiled bath towels in the laundry baskets located inside each of the bedroom closets or adjoining bathroom, time spent searching for missing towels is considered to be an excess fee.
7.  Hot tub is to be left in the same condition it was in when received, secure the hot tub cover.                                                                                                                                 8. 
Launder and return Hot tub towels and Robes and return to the location you found them in.                                                                                                                               9.  If furniture has been moved inside or outside the home please place back in original location.
10.  Take all garbage from the kitchen and bathrooms to the outside garbage receptacles that have been allotted for your stay (refer to Shellfish policy).
11.  Insure that all remote controllers are placed back where you found them. Controller templates can be found in each room showing guests where each controller belongs.
12.  Guests with pets will find the upright vacuum cleaner and a hand held pet vacuum cleaner for the upholstery along with a pet kit that includes wipe up rags and carpet cleaner.
13. Set the thermostat to 70 degrees during winter months (Please DO NOT turn propane heaters off during winter months as these heaters are the main heat source).
14.  Turn off all lights, fans and pull down window shades along the sides of the deck area.                                                                                                                         15).  Close all windows and lock  doors leading to deck and if bedroom #4 has been used insure this door has also been locked.    

Leaving Timber Lodge:  Please ensure that all doors are locked before you depart. (If you have any difficulty with locking doors please notify us immediately as the house CANNOT be left unlocked). To lock the door press the center button on top, it will light up then turn the knob clockwise. Failure to comply with locking all the doors in the house may result in the full forfeiture of security deposit.

Fireplace: Wood burning fireplace is locked and not available for use.

Garbage/Trash: Guests will find seven garbage cans labeled with the seven days of the week located next to the garage along with a recycling container. All boxes are to be broken down and stored between the garbage cans. All trash from the kitchen, bathrooms as well as recycling must be in kitchen garbage bags. Dirty diapers must be placed in a separate trash bag and can never be placed in the trash loose. Excess trash fee is defined as anything that is not in kitchen garbage bags, not sorted or will not fit in the garbage cans that are allotted for your stay. For example: if you arrive on a Sunday and depart on Sunday you are allotted the cans for Monday through Saturday but not Sunday as this can is allotted to the guest checking in behind you.

Hot Tub: The maximum number of people the hot tub can accommodate is 5 people. Showering with soap and water is required before use of the Hot Tub. Showering helps to remove any lotions, deodorants, creams and/or common skin bacteria which will reduce the effectiveness of the sanitizing chemicals used to disinfect the hot tub water. The hot tub is professionally cleaned and maintained. Guests are to leave the hot tub in the same condition it was received.

Parking & Security: The lodge has a video surveillance system which monitors the parking area and entry. There is no turn around space in the parking area down next to the house. The Fire Marshal has restricted parking to a maximum of two cars next to the house (this includes loading and unloading). Two additional parking spaces are located on the upper end of the driveway. The home is located on a one lane road, no street parking, boat trailers, campers or RV parking is allowed at any time on the premises.

Supplies & Clean up Kit: We provide a beginning supply of paper goods; two rolls of toilet paper in each bathroom, face tissue and paper napkins. We also supply Method laundry detergent, fabric softener, dish soap, a clean sponge, dish towels and dishwasher tabs, for each night of the stay. For departure clean up we provide a cleanup kit that includes: a roll of paper towels, Method All purpose cleaner, anti bacterial wipes, glass cleaner, granite and stainless steel polish.

Kitchen Inventory: This home has an extensive amount of small appliances and utensils not typically found in most vacation homes. Everything in the kitchen is labeled if you cannot determine where something belongs please on the kitchen counter. Any time spent searching for missing items will be billed to the security deposit. If inventory cannot be located within a reasonable period of time you will be billed for full replacement cost.  Link to Kitchen Inventory List

Kitchen Amenities: The kitchen has a full assortment of herbs and spices, salt and pepper, BBQ rubs, flour, sugar, coffee,  k-cups for use in the Kurig coffee maker, as well as an assortment of teas. 

Towels and Bath Amenities: We provide two sets of towels for each bedroom (bath, hand towel and washcloth), amenity bath soap, shampoo, bath wash, bath soak, make up remover wipes. We only use Method products in our home which does not have any harsh chemicals and has been tested to insure that these products will not bleach stain our towels or linens.  The bath towels in our home are custom embroidered (each set costs $65.00 to replace). The damage insurance will not cover bed linens or towels as the insurance company views these as supplies. We ask guests to keep the bath towels away from the hot tub and to be careful when using tooth paste with whiteners or any type of face cleanings products as these products have a tendency to bleach stain towels. We have hot tub towels and robes available to our guests to use, we just ask that if you borrow these items that they are laundered and returned to the area you found them in before departure.

BBQ Grill and Electric Smoker: We supply propane for the BBQ which is hooked up to our main propane tank and is on a timer. We also have an electric smoker and provide smoker chips which can only be used in the smoker, along with full instructions on how to use the smoker. When grilling or using the BBQ smoker please make sure that all the doors are closed so the fire alarm is not accidently set off.

Shellfish: Shellfish odors (crab, oysters etc.) are extremely difficult to remove from inside the house therefore, no storing or cooking of shellfish is allowed inside the home. We provide the following items for storing and preparation outside the home, ice chest and a cooler which includes 110 volt adapter for storing shellfish longer than 6-8 hours. A large crab pot which include internal steamer and faucet for draining liquids, high-pressure outdoor gas cooker that is hooked up to a propane tank. Instructions for disposal of shellfish: Guests will find a small 5 gallon metal trash can with a locking lid next to the crab pot station. Shellfish garbage is to be double bagged and limited to what will fit inside the 5 gallon metal container. Any excess shellfish garbage will need to be taken to the transfer station by the renter. The metal trash can lid is to be closed and secured tightly to insure shellfish parts or juices do not leak out . Place the metal seafood garbage container inside the last garbage can allotted for your stay in the garbage containment area.

Telephone & Internet: The telephone long distance is not blocked so that guests that need to work while on vacation can send faxes or make phone calls as cell phone coverage is limited in this area. US long distance only please. Guests will be billed for any International calls. The lodge has a printer/fax machine and wireless high speed wireless internet.

The SSID and Network security key will be provided in the final confirmation details.

Televisions: The televisions in the lodge are checked before and after departure to insure everything is working properly for your stay with us. All the Controllers are labeled along with a template for storage of each controller.  The loft area has a Sony PS3 with a few video games ( we request that guests do not move the playstaion from this location).  The Great room television and Home Theater Room has a Blu Ray DVD player with capability to download movies from our Netflix account.  The lodge has a very large library of DVDs for adults as well as children. For a list of televisions and DVD locations please refer to the amenities page.

Home Theater Room: If you have ordered the Home Theater room the instructional manual for using the system will be left in the guest service area. Your access code to unlock the home theater room is located on the first page of the manual. The door is set to auto lock so be sure to write down your code before exiting. Please read the Instruction Manual before pushing any buttons, adult supervision is required at all times and no gaming systems are to be hooked up to the home theater equipment. Please do not remove any wires from the back of the system or to remove batteries from the controller unit as this could also cause the system not to operate properly. Please turn off the projection system when not in use as the bulb life is limited. Upon departure please leave the instruction manual for the home theater room in the Guest Service area.

Helpful Information

Groceries:  As you can imagine, costs on an island are expensive. We recommend before arriving to the ferry to stock up at either Costco (Burlington) and/or Safeway or The Market located in Anacortes to minimize costs. There's a local Island Market in Eastsound.

Ferry Schedule: Please prepare in advance for your ferry as in the Summer months it becomes extremely busy. We recommend a minimum of 1-1.5hrs during peak time and 1hr non-peak times. Please access the WSDOT site @ updated ferry times, and if you have an iPhone, there's an available application to download.

Driving Directions

Enter password shown on your final confirmation email

password shown on your final confirmation email